Tuesday, June 10

Confidence booster


Zara skirt & heels
Mango top
Mango & H&M Necklaces
Accesorize bracelet
Michael Kors watch

It happens ever so often that I find the most frivolous of reasons not to feel good about myself (ranging from a bad hair day - I seem to have a lot of those lately - to someone giving me a judgmental look or not wearing the most comfortable shoes). When this happens, I always always always search my purse for the confidence booster pill. No, it's not Xanax; it's the Russian Red lipstick from Mac.

And you know what? It's not even about the way it looks. It's mostly about the power that comes with it. Yes, now you know. Power comes from a tiny little red lipstick called Russian Red.

Monday, June 9

It happened this week - Digital Divas & Molecule F Party

I had a full & interesting week, so here are some quick thoughts on the major fashion happenings I attended - Digital Divas, the 2014 edition and Molecule F's 4th anniversary party:

Digital Divas conference and awards gala

On tuesday, I participated as ambassador for this year's Digital Divas event I was telling you about a couple of weeks ago. I know opinions on this event have always been quite conflicting, but I for one salute this initiative that somehow manages to bring together hundreds of fashion and beauty bloggers from all around the country. Quite a few inspiring names took the stage this year and shared their visions as speakers; just to name a few, I must say I am totally crazy about Maurice Munteanu, Murmur's very own Andreea Badala and Vicki Nicola.

As far as I've noticed and read after the event, the audience was generally disappointed by the information content of the three conference sessions, as they felt they hadn't learned anything new from the speakers. I'm not sure what other people's expectations were, but bring me some inspirational people like Maurice Munteanu, let them speak from their hearts and I'm all ears.

I was pleased about most of the awards, too. I especially thought that the awards for best fashion blog (Maurice Munteanu's Le Projet d'Amour), the digital diva of the year (delicious Ana Morodan, I adore you!) and best newcomer fashion blog (I'm Alinz) were very well deserved.

Here's a picture of the winners and photographic evidence of my presence. For more pictures, check the Digital Divas facebook page here.

Molecule F anniversary party

This party celebrated Molecule F's 4th anniversary. The launch and the success of Molecule F is one of the greatest milestones in Romanian fashion, if you ask me; may it have a thousand anniversaries and more! Nonetheless, I very much admire gorgeous and tasteful Mirela Bucovicean, founder of the concept we all love.

The party was a success, both in terms of location and crowd. I attended with my lovely friend & talented designer, Alexandra Calafeteanu, as you may see in the picture below. As it was too crowded for me to take as many pictures as I had initialy planned, do have a look on the Molecule F facebook page here, as you will get to see many cool people.

See you tomorrow, as I'm preparing a new post already!

Ta ta,

Monday, May 26

10 inexpensive H&M hot pieces to buy this summer

Not affording Isabel Marant's latest collection is not a good enough excuse for not looking hot & fresh this summer. I hand picked 10 inexpensive items you can find in H&M stores and that can make you feel high end with very little expenditure. Here they are:
1. This perfectly draped white top.

Find it here.

2.This expensive looking shirt dress.

Find it here.

3. This cropped denim shirt.

Find it here.

4. These badass shorts.

Find them here.

5. These versatile leather sandals.

Find them here.

6. These super cool earrings.

Find them here.

7. This leather shoulder bag that goes with everything you own.

Find it here.

8. This flared skirt.


 Find it here.
9. This insanely hot leather bustier (finger crossed on finding this one).

Find it here.

10. This visor.

Find it here.


La la love,

Monday, May 12

Digital Divas Reloaded

You remember last year's Digital Divas event, right? If you participated then, you surely loved it and will attend again this year. If you didn't come, make sure you don't miss it again! The previous edition was pretty amazing and, as you might recall, I even won an award which I am so incredibly proud of (yay for me!).

This year's gathering will be held in Bucharest, at the Ghika Palace on June 3rd. Once again, there will be a conference program and an award gala for the best fashion & beauty bloggers and digital socialites. Some of the speakers have already been announced and some are still to be disclosed later on. Check them out here (spoiler alert: wonderful, inspiring people).

This year, there are no nominees. Here's how it works: if you're a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogger with a voice, you can submit your project (accompanied by a short description) for review by the judges and enter the competition in one of the following categories:
  • Best Women Websites
  • Best Bloggers for Social Causes
  • Best Use of Photography in Blogging (Fashion & Beauty blogs)
  • Best Instagram Account
  • Best Newcomer Fashion Blog (under 25 years/recent blogs – one year)
  • Best Newcomer Beauty Blog (under 25 years/recent blogs – one year)
  • Best Fashion Blog
  • Best Beauty Blog
  • The Digital Diva of The Year 
  • Special Projects
  • People’s Choice Award.
Submissions are open to the public, so everyone can subscribe their project (blog, instagram account etc.) in the competition (only in the category announced), until May 15, 2014.

Sounds great, no? As proud ambassadrice of the event, I will be thrilled to meet you there and cross our fingers together for our favorite blogs! Of course, if you do not own a blog, don't worry, you can simply register as a participant and come join the fun.


Yours truly,

Saturday, May 10

Leather Dungarees

I wore this minimalistic look a few days ago, mixing leather dungarees with a simple, crisp white buttondown and my absolute favorite heels, which I wear so rarely, because they make me die inside. Yeah, if you can't handle excruciating pain with a big ass smile on your face, you might want to stay away from 12 cm super pointy stilettos.

Here's how you can wear dungarees and not look like a 12 year old:

* with a silk shirt & heeled sandals
* with a masculine blazer on your shoulders & stilettos
* with a bustier bra & chunky sandals


Zara leather dungarees & heels
S. Oliver buttondown shirt
Michael Kors watch

Love love love,

Friday, May 9

My summer favorites

My wardrobe is currently going through a summer update and, amidst my desperate efforts to stop wearing so much black and countless shades of grey (#notdoingsowell), I discovered that I'm particularly drawn to garden inspired prints this season - botanical, floral, leafy & derivatives of the aforementioned.

Inspired by these amazing prints that caught my eye & by so many other beauties I've come across in my numerous hours wandering on the world wide web, I decided to make a personal selection for this summer and see if I can make you feel inspired to update your wardrobes, as well.

Here are my top picks:

1. This perfect floral swimsuit from Topshop.

Image via Topshop.

2. This skirt from Zara.
*Note: Seriously, I have this skirt. It's gorgeous.

Image via Zara.
3. Also, this gorgeous leafy dress from Zara.


Image via Zara.

4. These floral pumps from J. Crew.

Image via J. Crew.

5. And these shorts from J. Crew.

Image via J. Crew.

6. This jaw-dropping skirt from Temperley London.

Image via Netaporter.

7. These quirky earrings from Delfina Delettrez.

Image via matchesfashion.

8. This rose lip & cheek color from Nars.

Image via Nordstrom.

9. This Agent Provokateur corset.

Image via netaporter.

10. And a black leather jacket from Warehouse.
Note: Of course, there is always a black leather jacket.

Image via Asos.

What inspires you this summer?